For consistent remediation success, start with a proven protocol.

Grab the industry's #1 tool for consistent remediations.

When tackling a remediation project, it’s simply not enough to perform the operations that “seem right” to whomever is running the job. 


Different workers and managers bring different experiences and procedures to the job.  But the remediators with the highest customer satisfaction ratings – and the most repeat business -- always perform their work to an established standard. 


Introducing HouseCheck’s FieldPro™ Remediation Protocol -- the industry’s most effective and respected protocol, and the ultimate remediation project standard.

Developed by a consortium of the leading luminaries in today’s restoration industry, our FieldPro protocol forms the basis for organized, concise restoration and decontamination projects that deliver predictable, customer-pleasing results every time. 

HouseCheck Science Team

Ken Siders

  • HouseCheck SVP Environmental Services

  • 20+ years in Building Science & Restoration 

  • Multiple Advanced Designations from Industry Organizations

  • Teacher & Published Author on Building Contamination 

Rachel Adams

  • Purdue Degrees in Toxicology & Environmental Health 

  • Environmental Health Industries Teacher for 27 Years

  • Certified by American Society of Clinical Pathologists 

  • "Master Restorer" Designation from the IICRC

Ken Larsen

  • Author of Leading Technical Resource Book on Building Restoration 

  • Publisher of Curriculum for Purdue University

  • RIA, ACAC & IICRC Advanced Designations 

  • Worldwide Designations as Tier One Environmental Consultant

Norris Gearhart

  • National Instructor on Disaster Response & Remediation

  • Program Developer - Biosafety & Hospital Infection Prevention & Control 

  • Training & Educational Programming Expert 

  • Consultant on Strategic & Technical Planning

Our FieldPro protocol is in full compliance with the standards of the WHO, CDC, EPA, RIA, IRCRC, IAQA, and IAQAA.  It also fulfills the requirements for the “Exhibit A” portion of professional remediation contracts.  And when you purchase this protocol, you obtain the rights to utilize it on every remediation project your company undertakes. 

Step up to a proven protocol. 

HouseCheck’s FieldPro Remediation Protocol will help you take your restoration business to the next level and beyond.  Click the button below to purchase the FieldPro protocol now, and we’ll deliver it instantly as a pdf. Encircle customers will also be able to find this protocol in Encircle.


ONLY $699.00

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